Eastpoint Women's Ministry

Eastpoint Women exists to equip women to grow individually through the reading of God's Word and through prayer. We encourage one another by participating in discipleship, gathering together, and doing ministry together. Then, we are able to engage our homes and communities with the Gospel. Jesus is central to all that we do. We celebrate the Gospel and the work He chooses to do in us and through us. 

Women's fellowship may 19

Our May Fellowship will be relaxed with chill vibes only! A fun surprise for dessert will be provided as well as drinks. We ask that you bring an appetizer and come ready to play My Favorite Thing. Be sure to follow the link to sign up. 

Directions for the game are as follows: 

Everyone brings three copies of their favorite thing (i.e., if mascara was your favorite thing, you would bring three things of mascara) up to $10 and everyone goes home with three things from other people, so you’re basically sharing your favorite thing.