Sunday Morning Worship

Eastpoint has two worship services, one at 9 am and one at 10:30. 

Before service, congregants visit one another before heading into the Sanctuary. (If this is your first time visiting, we understand it can be overwhelming to come into a new atmosphere. We promise to do everything in our power to serve you and your family, to make Eastpoint feel like home.) 

During our services we engage in both contemporary and traditional style elements of worship. We dedicate time to prayer, and sit under the Expository Preaching of God's Word. We conclude our time together by the giving of the weekly offering which is sincerely the responsibility of those who call Eastpoint home. And we are dismissed through praying for Our Local Church of the Week and Missionary. 

What should i bring? What do i wear? 

We would encourage everyone to bring their copy of God's Word to worship service with them, if you do not have a Bible that's okay we'd be happy to give you one. Also many people enjoy jotting down notes during the sermon, so you may want to bring a pen and journal. 

As far as attire...please feel free to come as you are. All we ask is that your attire displays modesty and respect for others coming to Worship alongside you.