The Eastpoint worship team is a collection of believers who desire to lead the church in sincere biblical worship, corporately and individually. We serve with the understanding that our calling is to be leaders off the stage as well as on the stage. In that understanding, we ourselves strive to grow spiritually in the hopes of encouraging others to do the same. Our desire is that we would be effectual and careful stewards of the gifts God has given us for the sake of the Church and for His glory.

What we value


Consistent Growth in the Faith - We serve the church as lead worshipers, and we cannot lead others effectively if we are not leading ourselves. We prioritize spending personal time in the Scriptures and in prayer so as to see our faith enriched just as God designed. 

Humble Spirit - We believe that it’s a gift to serve, not a right. In light of that, we approach leading from a place of humility, gratitude, and joy so as to promote the gospel rather than our own gifting. 

Sincerity in Corporate Worship - Our desire is that our worship would not merely be fabricated on stage, but that it would be an overflow of what’s already taking place in our individual worship of The Father. Our conviction is that our own sincerity in worship will serve as an example for others to follow.


Beauty in Simplicity - Our primary focus musically, is to serve the song. We believe that simplicity and good timing are the best ways to do that. We strive to avoid overplaying as much as we do mistakes. We take this approach in the hopes to eliminate distractions on both ends of the spectrum.

Team dynamic - We emphasize a team concept within Eastpoint worship. Meaning, we’re committed to encouraging and helping one another, as well as at times sacrificing our own preferences or abilities for the sake of the team and our services. 

Dependability - Serving on the worship team requires more time than any other volunteer area in the church, it is also one of the most visible. We believe being a faithful and dependable team member is as equally important as a strong skill set, and that it’s essential to ensure the overall health of the team.

Preparation - While perfection is never the expectation, we place a high priority on being prepared for rehearsals & services. We dedicate time to preparing privately knowing that it will allow us to lead to the fullest extent of our capabilities publicly. 

Contact Pastor Matt

Hey everyone, if you are interested in serving with us in the Worship Ministry or finding out different ways to serve on Sunday mornings, please feel free to email me. We'd love to have you serve alongside us. -Pastor Matt